Sunday, February 9, 2014

Studio Clean Up Challenge

I am Helen Simon on facebook if you want to follow me there. 

I saw an interesting challenge and took some before messy slob pictures. Ashamed and humbled, now it's time to spruce up my work areas!

Claiming creative clutter helps my work isn't's denial. Making Beads is what I love to do, so cleaning will make it easier, and that's what will happen in my home studio. You won't recognize the afters, Bead Friends! And Neat Freak Husband will be so happy, too!


PyxeeStyx said...

Love all your pretty glass colors. The pinks and greens and lavenders. oooh

helensharvest said...

Thanks, Pyxee..future flowers maybe.;)

Sharyl said...

I love the table with all your glass! And for what appears to be rather small space (like mine), yours looks decorated and homey! I love that!

Going to see your after pics next! Thanks for posting on FB! --Sharyl