Monday, February 10, 2014

New Day, Monday, Happy Day.

I cleaned up my Beading Area and it's a Happy Place to dress my own Lampwork sold on Etsy because I can't stand to send my Newborns out into the cold, cruel world naked. They aren't really finished jewelry, but ready to wear while the new Moms think about designs for them. Most don't, but at least they aren't banished to a Bead Box...they like to GO places, to garner praise..good for their young self esteem, you know. We Cajuns say, "Aw, Sha Bebe..."

Here are my newly sorted (somewhat, mostly) and labeled Beads and Findings.

Also banished many UFO's to clean my antique table, but leaving enough to think about, and add to boxes for favors while packing. I like to spoil my Bead Mommas, my Darling Enablers, my Well Appreciated Collectors for whom I pray blessings daily. If our Roses were blooming I would have had room for a huge Bouquet..just imagine it for now, and I'll cut some for your delight soon.

Thanks again to Sharyl for this challenge. You have made our Beads better and many of us will thank you...and our Bead Buyers.

Now comes the scary part, tackling my Glass Studio. Pray for me?


Sharyl said...

Isn't it refreshing to have your space tidied up?! I keep encouraging others but haven't a good start yet! Thanks for sharing this! It looks great! (So love your "happy spot!" That area looks so cozy!)--Sharyl

helensharvest said...

It IS refreshing. Thanks so much for the challenge..bathroom cleaned, gumbo started, does that sound like procrastinating to you? That studio is yelling at me to come organize it...sigh.

Heidi Kingman said...

The glass rods are so pretty! Like before and after flowers from the glass space to the beady space. :)