Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Morning Business, or spinning 4 plates on a stick...

When I was working this morning, I looked around and noticed I was doing 4 things at scattered is THAT? But that's how I like to do's more of a challenge that way, and NOT boring! Above I had some boxes to paint, since many Lampwork Beads are selling like hotcakes on facebook,  here . This is the only painting I allow myself lately, but don't wanna' lose my first love. I have some opaque commercial art watercolors from an artist that worked last century at our local newspaper, Lake Charles American Press, via Estate Sale. I love continuing his legacy, finishing his paint pans.

On the kitchen counter I had a couple Bluebirds and a Nest to clean...(above) as a former Etsy buyer requested them...I'm plumb Bird Crazy lately anyway, so she struck while the iron was hot. Here's my Etsy Shop.

And, planning supper of Zucchini Meatloaf. My goal in making supper is to get as many veggies in my guys without their complaining, so I chase the 5 star recipes, or type BEST in front of recipe searches. Didn't have the breadcrumbs, but I crushed some croutons working well, and we ate Meatloaf Sandwiches. They loved it, but the Younger did notice how large the onions were.;) I injured my hand going obsessive/compulsive on my new headpins love, so they WERE chunky.

What's this? Well, it was noon so time to eat Lunch, of course. I cut some berries into a Peach Greek Yogurt, gobbled it down while printing a label for an Etsy order trying to beat the Mailman...phew..I did!  Off to my torch to finish a clasp for my wonderful artist 8th Bead Soup Partner. Here's her blog, so you can see her beautiful paintings. She mailed her Bead Soup to me today, but the clasp I had planned was a hammered one, out of the question with this crippled thumb, but I can still melt glass, Baby, and, Lord willing, I'll come up with something that fits well tonight.

Here's the tiniest Squirrel I listed on facebook today up for 24 hour adoption, or what they call auction. ;) 

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